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    Guardian Family Law is recognised as experienced and leading advisors in all aspects of family law.

    We are rated highly as one of Sydney’s top rated Family Law firms and pride ourselves on providing expert advice and a personal level of support throughout the Family Law process.

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    At Guardian Family Law you will be offered personal advice and representation from an experienced lawyer, who will provide specialised advice from the commencement to the resolution of your matter. Our team of experts pride ourselves on resolving the majority of our family law disputes outside of Court, saving you from unnecessary costs or legal fees. There is no matter too complex, which cannot be handled by our team of leading family law experts. 

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    As the top family lawyers in Sydney, we offer leading family law advice in the following areas:

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    Call today for your free consultation
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    Call today for your free consultation with a family lawyer


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    Roukaya Saraya

    Owner and Manager

    Greg McLellan

    Principal Solicitor


    What People Are Saying

    Excellent service and professionalism from start to finish!

    If you are looking for a lawyer who is honest, reliable, and provides accurate and timely advice, I highly recommend Greg from Guardian Family Lawyers.
    I have been instructed by Mr Greg McClellan
    in an important Family Law matter concerning my children. It has proven to be a difficult matter to deal with. We (my parents and I) have found him to have kept us well informed with all of the court requirements. Greg has exhibited a wonderful expression and example in the very best interests of my children. I am very comfortable and victorious with the outcome. His work is the ultimate reflection of hard work and his goal is always to serve the best interest of the little ones. A true Guardian!
    Greg is among the most effective family law Solicitor I’ve ever worked with. From our initial consultation, he explained everything to me in simple words and was always quick to respond when I had questions outside of our sessions. Greg was not only exceedingly competent in my child custody matter and Asset and Property divisions, but he was also highly conscious that it was proving to be a traumatic experience for all parties involved. Greg would ‘check in’ with us frequently to make sure we were aware of what was going on at all times. His legal expertise restored my faith in the legal system. If you need legal representation regarding family law, I would not hesitate to contact him. Greg is the only one I trust.
    Beyond being a highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable lawyer, Greg exhibited rare vesting in my lawsuit putting me at ease from the get-go, knowing that my complex matter was to be handled fully, professionally, and right the first time. Greg and his team were always there to help explain my options and key decisions for my case. I am impressed with their client focused advocacy skills and would greatly recommend them for anyone seeking assistance in family law litigation.

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