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Guardian Family Law is recognised as experienced and leading advisors in all aspects of family law. We are rated highly as one of Sydney’s top rated Family Law firms and pride ourselves on providing expert advice and a personal level of support throughout the Family Law process.

Guardian Family Law is dedicated to providing professional and cost-effective representation at an affordable rate unmatched by larger firms.

With years of experience operating in all areas of family law, Guardian Family Law combines the skill, resources, and expertise of larger firms while maintaining the personalised attention and efficiency that can only be provided by a smaller firm dedicated achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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Our Promise

At Guardian Family Law you will be offered personal advice and representation from an experienced lawyer, who will provide specialised advice from the commencement to the resolution of your matter.

Our team of experts pride ourselves on resolving the majority of all of our family law disputes outside of Court, saving you from unnecessary costs or legal fees.

There is no matter too complex, which cannot be handled by our team of leading family law experts.

As the top family lawyers in Sydney, we offer leading family law advice in the following areas:


Guardian Family Law specialises in a variety of complex and difficult parenting disputes. We are leaders in disputes relating to parental alientation and family violence.

We believe that every family is unique, which is why we start by listening to you and providing a comprehensive analysis of the important aspects of your matter and the goals that you would like to achieve. This allows us to provide you with a more personalised service and better assist in the resolution of your matter.

By dedicating a personalised advisor to your matter, Guardian Family Law ensures that the entire legal process is cost-effective and less stressful for you and your family.

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Given the emotional and complicated nature of family law proceedings, it is often difficult to properly consider the financial consequences of separation.

Guardian Family Law guarantees that you will always have a specialised family law solicitor on hand to advise you in relation to your legal rights and entitlements. 

Our expert solicitors will provide you with comprehensive advice in relation to your property entitlements and will further provide assistance to negotiate the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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Divorce does not need to be a stressful and complicated process.

By providing personal advice and support, Guardian Family Law can guide you through the Divorce process and provide you with meaningful advice at every stage of the Divorce process.

Our specialised Divorce lawyers are familiar with the struggles that separating parties often face in this difficult time and work hard to ensure that you get through the experience as painlessly and quickly as possible. Guardian Family Law guarantees that all of your best interests and goals will be met by our team of professional family lawyers.

There is no bad time to talk to a lawyer. Even if you are uncertain about your situation and not ready to proceed with your matter, our confidential and no-strings-attached free initial consultation ensures that you are provided with personal advice in the event that it may be needed in the future.

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The easiest way to manage your post-separation financial affairs is by ensuring that your personal savings and assets are protected prior to the commencement of your relationship.

Guardian Family Law has extensive experience in the preparation of Binding Financial Agreements and legal documentation to ensure that your assets remain protected and secure following Divorce or break down of a de facto relationship.

The pre-relationship protection of assets is often a time-sensitive matter, and it is important to seek expert advice at an early stage of your relationship.

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Fixed Fee Services

Guardian Family Law offers a number of competively priced fixed-fee services to save you time and money


Application for Divorce Orders


Property Settlement Consent Orders


Parenting Agreement or Consent Orders

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